Low Cost Point Of Sale Solutions

Savings of up to 70% can be achieved on your
credit card processing fees


Merchant Accounts

Whether you need to take card payments at the till, at tables or out on the move
We have a terminal to suit everyone’s requirements
Accept Card Payments For Taxi Fares Or On The Go

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash by using a mobile card machine when you are on the go

Taxi Payment Solutions

Accept Card Payments Over The Phone

Take payments from your customers over the phone via a virtual terminal

Accept payments over the phone

Accept Card Payments Over The Counter

Fixed Countertop machines are a convenient way for your customers to take payments at the till

Accept Credit Cards

Integrate Your Terminal With A State Of The Art EPOS System To Accept payments
Portable card machines let you take card payments via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth around your establishment

Point of sale solutions

New To Cards?

Still Not Accepting Cards From Your Customers?

You Are Costing Your Business Money!

Customers spend up to 90% more when paying by card 

Never Ever Turn Potential Customers Away!

Merchant Accounts

Are you aware that accepting Credit & Debit Cards can skyrocket your sales by an incredible 50% – 500%?
We can offer the lowest Rates For Merchant Services Save Up To 70%

“If your business does not accept Credit or Debit Cards 
you simply cannot compete in today’s business environment” 
Source MSE


Some of the benefits of having a Merchant Account

Attract More Customers – You Get Higher Sales Values – Increased Turnover

Guaranteed Payments – Offer Cash back with Purchases – Less Cash on site

Less visits to Bank – Less Bank charges – Improved Security – Improve Cash Flow

Customers impulse purchase and spend more when paying by card rather than cash

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